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 Many folks raise their eye brows when hearing my reply of what I do for work.  I am a  professionally trained and experienced as a Real Estate agent and an Instructor of Spinal Relief Yoga and Mindfulness.  Now what on earth do the two have in common?  "I got your back".  Both,  real estate and releasing the spine are very intricate and detailed processes that need to be done with patience, persistence and certitude of a leader who that can guide you to relief and results.   Real Estate agents also need flexibility with the people and the process and a flexible spine gives you a flexible mind. Both require a confidence of trust in whom you can confide and partner and it takes a strong backbone to negotiate and mediate many situations in real estate.  

There are many yogic practices and objectives that relate to real estate.  You will see how relative this is to a buying or selling real estate transaction.   

1.  Yoga is the movement from one point to another higher one. (Moving UP and Moving ON)

2. Yoga is the bringing together, the unifying of two things. (Bringing buyer and seller together) 

3. Yoga is an action of undivided and uninterrupted attention.  (Focus and Persistence) 

A yoga practice is known for relieving stress and anxiety through out the body with asanas (poses) and mindfulness (meditation).  This is very important during any real estate transaction and when I help my clients take a breath we manage a challenge much easier and withe better reasoning and negotiation skills.  It take the pressure off and allows the gap in time and space to reveal solutions that benefit all.   

I will expand up this correlation throughout the coming months and you will get a better understanding of who I am as a professional and how I can help you achieve your highest potential through this partnership.