No Bubble Here

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Market Trends

Buyer and Sellers - we are not approaching bursting bubbles.   Yes, if back in 2002-2007 you were a buyer and then became a seller in 2008 - 2010 you most likely were not a happy camper. Indeed we rebounded 2013-2018 in sales prices  but the difference this time is it is a healthy progression of prices increasing.  Just like a diet more gradual and steady pace the weight loss the  more likely that it is healthier and more stable way to loose the pounds and keep the off.   Reverse that - the gains we made in sales prices were gradual and reasonable, there is no frenzy. Buyers are more educated, patient and discerning and thus sellers are amenable to be more realistic in their sales price and net proceeds.   Buying and selling real estate makes the economy stable and sustainable, the great recession taught all of us, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, lenders, the valuable lesson of discernment and truth.    Let's keep it that way and not let the news create something there is not. Based on the statistics does not indicate we are in a bubble or even approaching a bubble - the situation now is "real"  supply and demand Economy 101.  Check the rest my thoughts on this visiting this Article - No Bubble Here